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Amicitia Advisors

Amicitia International works across ASEAN to provide consultancy expertise across a range of specialised sectors. We provide:

  • Third-sector consultancy services, including MEAL/WASH, conflict analysis, legislative drafting, school improvement, feasibility studies, and bespoke insight services.

Third-Sector Consultancy Services

Amicitia Advisors focuses on providing unparalleled and comprehensive third-sector consultancy services. With a focus on the ASEAN region, our expertise is predicated on a deep understanding of its diverse cultures, economies, and socio-political environments. 

We provide MEAL, WASH, capacity building, legislative drafting, school improvement and development services, and security audits, with a particular focus on conflict-affected states and working with vulnerable populations. We dive deep into conflict analysis, ensuring that our partners navigate complex environments with both broad and specific insights into the security situation, influence networks, and the dynamics that drive disputes. 

Outside of third sector consulting, we provide bespoke solutions to corporations that require discreet insights and security solutions in sensitive areas.

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