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Amicitia Defence

Amicitia International is led by British Army officers who served as training specialists, a role which oversees all aspects of course design and delivery. The British Army is the only armed force in the world with this capability, with fully trained regular officers attaching to field army battalions and designing and running knowledge-based and practical training courses for all ranks.


All of our training is operationally focused; as former regular officers, we understand the military. We are a military training solution that provides leadership development for soldiers and officers at all levels.


We are a conduit to a closer relationship with UK Defence through our network of contacts at all ranks, especially within defence training and defence engagement and cooperation. While we provide a closer relationship with UK Defence, we move at the speed and with the agility of a private company. 


We deliver quick results, without the need for formal diplomatic and military-to-military arrangements. We are able to work at pace directly to our client’s requirements. By enabling the rapid conceptual development of our client’s armed forces, Amicitia International provides cost-effective force multiplication and strengthens our clients’ reputation and fighting power.



Training Development and Assurance

Amicitia International can work with armed forces and equipment suppliers to develop training packages according to your requirements.

We follow a structured approach to curriculum development and assurance according to the following considerations:


1. Analysis: We analyse the training requirement itself. 


2. Design: We analyse how the training activity could be structured, bearing in mind budgetary requirements, facilities available for training delivery, and the availability of other resources. Further, we analyse and rank in order of importance specific training outcomes. We then design a complete training programme, complete with documents stipulating the assessment strategy and specifications, timetabling, and all lesson specifications. 


3. Delivery: We monitor the delivery of a pilot course and assist with delivery where required.


4. Assurance: We assess the results of the pilot course and ensure the training is delivered correctly and that it meets the requirement. We then question the methodology of the entire course and see where improvements can be made. We then repeat the cycle until the client armed force is satisfied, and we continue assurance on a timeframe agreed with the client. 


Training Development and Assurance is a long-term investment and partnership with Amicitia International. Our curriculum developers are a mixture of training specialists from the British Army and subject matter experts in the particular domain being developed. Curriculum Development and Assurance projects will take anywhere from 3 months to 24 months from contract completion to the first training delivery.


Conceptual Development Courses

We offer a suite of in-person short courses to develop strategic and tactical thinking. Each course is narrowly tailored to a specific operational theme and designed for the needs of military leaders.


Courses are taught through a series of lectures and collaborative tasks. They are designed to create networking pathways across different parts of the military and across government for individual and whole-of-force development.


Course content is finalised following a training needs analysis to ensure it is tailored to the needs of the client. Bespoke courses can also be designed on demand.


Military English Language Training

We offer a range of courses to develop the language skills and cultural competencies required for operational success, whether this is working alongside allies in a multinational environment or communicating with local civilians.


Courses are delivered in-person by native British instructors and take a task-based training approach. They are designed to develop skills that can be drawn upon while under stress in high-pressure environments.


At Amicitia, we recognise that common language skills and cultural understanding are crucial to successfully operating alongside allies and international partners.

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